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Redundancy, Backup Services

In the age of uncertainty and critical need for data and voice communications many companies have backup circuits for their communications lines. Most of the time they order duplicate land lines from more than one long distance carrier as a means to meet disaster recovery contingency plans. The way phone companies are structured with ILECs, CLECs, etc. many carriers only share single communications trunks renting capacity from the local phone company monopoly. The only assured way to achieve true communications backup is to have backup communication services that traverse communication paths other than land lines.

CPEcomsys provides backup and redundant lines that utilize alternate technologies for a broader redundancy capability. A backhoe will never cut a microwave or satellite communication link where such could be devastating to a fiber or wired connection.

What makes microwave systems an even smarter move is that they almost always have a better return on investment than any wired communication link that requires constant monthly capital expenses. Phone companies have long used microwave systems as a means of moving high capacity voice and data communications. They have such high capacity and low cost metrics that it simply makes sense to investigate their use in your businesses data communications needs.

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