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Wireless LAN
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CPE-Labs views the networks from a perspective not seen by others  CPE-Labs has decades of network and computer experience.  Our unique overall view of the network makes clear the blue sky arena of the future .

CPE-Labs is free to discern your real needs and turn them into fulfillable requirements.  CPE-Labs is not tied to any product or service.

We, unlike our vested competitors, are free to combine competitive technologies that make sense for your enterprise.  We will review your business plan, interview your business units leaders, your technical staff and people in the trenches.  Our method will produce a communications system that is better, cheaper, and faster.

CPE-Labs can be a consultant, general contractor or sub-contractor.  We can even turn the screw driver if that makes sense for your requirements and budget.

1)We are available to review your present requirements and write, or help you write new ones.

2)We, as General Contractor, will direct your favorite subcontractors to implement our advanced design.

3)As subcontractors we can build your new CPE-Labs designed network in your new or remodelled campus.

With continued advances in radio frequency broadcast technologies more companies are finding that the technologies used by phone companies for many years are now becoming more affordable by multiple site customers.

If you have sites within visual range of each other then there is almost no circumstance where a microwave or laser ( free base optics ) solution would not be a more economical solution than the purchase of land lines from local telephone companies.

If your sites are not within visual range but seperated by a mountain, or the horizon, it is still possible to transmit a signal to one or more towers and thus connect your sites.

Satellite connections are used to span even further distances or provide backup to land line communications.

Within your business campus or office building CPEcomsys can deploy WiFi technology to bring wireless access to the dekstop providing mobility and connectivity to laptops.

Please contact our sales team to turn your network into the productive system your enterprise needs.

You can call us at:
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