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The AirLink Raven Ethernet is the perfect solution for networks, PCs, or any device requiring an Ethernet interface to high-speed cellular data networks. It’s interoperable with any standard Ethernet router or residential gateway, so no special cabling or equipment is required. The Raven-E is optimal for providing primary network connectivity or as a failover/backup option required for high reliability/availability applications. For more advanced network requirements, the Raven-E also provides an option for either public or private IP (NAT), GRE/IP-SEC pass-through, and SNMP management.

As with all Raven Products, the Raven-E is powered by AirLink’s ALEOS technology – the longstanding industry benchmark for reliable and feature-rich embedded intelligence. With extensive capabilities like remote monitoring and configuration, packet-level diagnostics and over-the-air firmware updates, ALEOS simplifies installation, operation, and maintenance of any solution. ALEOS provides the “always-on” and “always-aware” connection management required for today’s mission-critical applications.

For over a decade, AirLink Communications has been providing field proven, reliable solutions for cellular data networks, including applications for M2M (Telemetry), SCADA, Mobile Data, Public Safety, and more. The AirLink Raven-E is the next step in AirLink’s commitment to providing rugged, intelligent network connectivity.

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Modem can be mounted in vehicles for mobile data connections, or with power adapter to kiosks, POS terminals, telemetry, security monitoring devices, remote device control (SCADA), etc.
Cellular Carrier and supported bandwidth information.

This unit is a CDMA EV-DO unit with a fallback capability to CDMA 1xRTT, there is also support for Nextel iDEN.

At present only Alltel and Sprint-Nextel have certified this hardware with their CDMA 1xRTT networks (Downlink/Uplink up to 153.6Kbps). Verizon is to soon certify this hardware for EV-DO (Downlink up to 2.4Mbps/Uplink up to 153.6Kbps) by the summer of 2006 although it is unknown of the existence of any cellular systems delivering more than CDMA 1xRTT at present.

For mobile, kiosk, and POS applications this unit is built sturdy and compact just for such applications.
For the SOHO or residential user it may be an alternative to satellite systems even though initial cost of ownership is
$100-200 more.

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