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Campus LAN Broadcasting

When a company deploys a wireless communications data link the most important thing about the installation is that the broadcast network components installed by CPEcomsys become assets, not expenses.

In a business campus environment where buildings are next to each other or seperated by many miles there are methods of establishing data communications other than a costly phone company land line that affects your operational budget monthly.

When buildings are close to each other a laser based system (free space optics) can provide interconnection speeds from 1.54Mbps up to 1 Gbps.

Buildings seperated by miles or terrain can be handled by microwave transmitters at up to OC-3 connection bandwidths.

The types of data broadcasted can be your campus LAN or a marriage of voice, LAN, and video.

Even small companies can afford a LAN data interconnection between the office building and an in-lot services building.

The best thing about broadcast networks is that your company owns them outright instead of leasing them on a monthly basis.

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Microwave Between Buildings-
Point to Point
Point to Multipoint
Free Space Optics

Phone Line Extension-
Trailblazer Broadcast Phone Lines up to 40 Miles
LAN Extension-
Proxim 20-100Mbps Lan plus (2) T1 lines

Also straight T1 to OC-3 SONET units to distances of 7 miles from Lynx and Tsunami.

ORiNCO Point to Point 11Mbps 2.4GHz IEEE 802.11b LAN Backbone up to 6 miles broadcast range.
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