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Wireless Local Area Networks

WiFi, WIreless FIdelity, is a fairly large group of product offerings that in essence allow local area networks to be broadcast instead of hardwired. The office environment of open topped cubicles populated with a large professional staff is the environment that WiFi was originallly designed. Mobile workers moving throughout the office environment with their laptops from their desks to conference rooms to a teammate's cubicle is where this technology shines.

WiFi is the broadcasting of ethernet (802.11) over microwave bandwidths. 802.11b and g in the 2.4GHz band and 802.11a in the 5GHz band. This technology merely takes the portable computer to its natural state of being portable instead of being cabled to a desk. Using sectored broadcast antennas that broadcast only within the cubicle area and sectored networks that allow workers into the wired LAN and visiting clients or salepeople into the global internet are quite doable with the proper planning and preparation. Even the costs of these systems are approaching the wired 10BaseT networks installed today. Combine this with the fact that your mobile workers can use their systems in the growing number of hotspots in airports and hotels can make the decision to go wireless advantageous.

Wiring an office building, placing access points (radio transceivers), and doing so while following electrical building codes and security concerns can be challenging in some office locations.

Our electrical and communication systems professionals can help install a network that meets your needs.

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