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Residential Satellite Service DW-R

Most of the residential and small office satellite systems installed in the U.S. today is the following service offering. It provides broadband access to all locations in the continental United States with a clear view of the Southern sky. Although initially more expensive than either cable or DSL the service a reliable broadband service available to those places that can get neither cable or DSL.

Standard Install
Active Users
Up to 700Kbps
Up to 128Kbps
.74m/1 watt
You can call us at:
15 month commitment required: $300 service termination fee.
Get Fast, Two-Way
Internet Access by Satellite
  • Do everything you do online FASTER - surfing, e-mail, downloads!
  • Satellite service is available right here, right now!
  • Frees up your phone line, no waiting, no dialing-out!
  • Compatible with Windows, Macintosh, and others!
  • The ability to network multiple computers!

Financing plan available "99/99" Program:

  • Initial Fee $99.99
  • Monthly total for first 15 months: $99.99/Month
  • 15 month service committment required: $300 service termination fee.
  • Cancellations after 1 month, before 15 months: $400 hardware termination fee.
  • After 15 months monthly cost will be in accordance with the then-current monthly rate plan.
Rule of thumb: 1 active user requires 500Kbps downlink.

We recommend that all customers have up to $800 available for the install of these entry level communication systems. A standard install only covers the dish, transmitter, and indoor unit along with minimal installation options. It is very common for the customer to have to pay up to $200 additional to complete a basic install. No networking hardware or services are covered in a standard install. Any additional networking port on average will cost around $80 per port for installation. CPE Labs offers several term payment plans for its customers. All listed prices are subject to change. Please contact sales for a service quotation.

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