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Residential Wiring - Wireless Bridge

Although many ad hoc wireless connections are available and the user can generally find some method to bridge two buildings after one or more attempts - CPE Labs has standardized upon the MaxStream Xpress Ethernet Bridge as its product of choice.

This bridge is of commercial grade yet an economical solution for the residential market. It is a 900 MHz, 1.5Mbps, up to 15 mile range bridge with near line of site capability. Priced at just under $1,000 per pair it fits into the normal cost range for a residential wireless bridge.

The bridge is connected to the LAN at both buildings through a supplied 30 foot power over ethernet outdoor rated cable. Two 2.5 dBi omin-directional are included; while, the use of optional directional Yagi antennas allows the radio to achieve the maximum connection range.

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