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Netgear Hubs and Switches

CPE Labs markets many types of Netgear hubs and switches. The price difference between a hub and a switch used to be substantial. The switch contained programmed electronics to handle the distribution of the ethenet signals while a hub just blindly replicated the signal to all ports. The price of switching hardware has come down to the point where new hubs are no longer made or sold. For the residential user the hub is more than adequate for their needs and CPE Labs stocks many used hubs at economical prices.

If a new switch is desired then a 4, 8, or 16 port switch can easily be added to create, or add to, an existing network. One should also check the availabilty of used switches retained by CPE Labs to lower your cost of ownership.

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FS605 5 Port 10/100 Desktop Switch 8 Port Switch Wiring Example
5 Port 10/100 Desktop Switch
Examples of older style units:
ProSafe™ 16 Port 10/100 Desktop Switch ProSafe™ 4 Port 10/100 Hub
Wiring Example of FS116 Switch
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