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Skyway USA Broadband Satellite

Skyway USA and CPE Labs offers a one way satellite service. This is unique in the satellite business because once upon a time all broadband satellite offerings were one way services. The customer's installed dial up phone provided the uplink path and the satellite provided the high bandwidth downlink path. But, customers complained about tying up their phone lines for internet access so everyone went to two way satellite services even though there were the inherient problems with low wattage consumer grade transmitters, doubling the terrestrial delay, transmit collisions from customer's site to the satellite, etc. all adding to a more sluggish response from the two way satellite service over a one way service. Then came the cell phone and now we once again have a terrestrial connection into the home that is now free for the internet uplink.

If you no longer use your wired telephone connection you should investigate a one way satellite solution from Skyway USA. If one uses the internet for browsing alone then they have very little bandwidth requirements for uplink. We regularly measure that the uplink requirements are 5-15% of the downlink requirements for an internet browsing user. Stated another way, 85-95% of their bandwidth requirements is for downlink and not uplink. For example, a user that browses down 1.5 megabytes of pages per hour only needs a total of 160 kilobytes of data going uplink. A dial up connection at 20Kbps can easily handle the uplink transfer of 160 kilobytes in an hour to say nothing of the reduction in the earth to satellite transmit delay and speedier packet acknowledgments causing the browsed pages to download faster.

Cost of ownership and installation is as much as 1/4 the cost of some two way satellite systems. Please complete the Information Request Form and see just how inexpensive these systems are to own.

You can call us at:
SkyWay SW-10 Satellite Modem Skyway SW-10 Satellite Modem
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Rule of thumb: 1 active browser requires 500Kbps downlink.
All listed prices are subject to change. Please contact sales for a service quotation.
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