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Commercial satellite offerrings are designed with business users in mind. They are designed to circumvent the inherient satellite terrestrial delay (latency) and they are built to provide true bandwidth to their users. All of these considerations mean that the technology is not inexpensive or that short cuts have been made in the network design to maximize the profit of the data carrier. These systems are marketed to companies that know how important data communications is to their daily business survival.

Latency, In order to perform properly in conjunction with traditional terrestrial land based and wired networks satellite data networks must employ specialized hardware to deal with the increased latency caused by the 96,000 mile round-trip over the space segment of the connection. The 96,000 mile round-trip adds extra milliseconds (600 miliseconds) to the transmission of a packet of data. Eliminating latency is done through several TCP acceleration techniques (TCP spoofing).

TCP works by starting a TCP/IP session slowly. Speed builds as the network's capacity to carry traffic is verified by the rate of the acknowledgments. This effect is known as slow-start. Commercial satellite providers overcome the slow start by utilizing TCP spoofing. This technique is done through specialized hardware and software that acknowledges packet transmissions on the ground at the network hub before they are transmitted over the satellite connection. The land based hardware then buffers the packets and transmitts them in an accelerated manner over the satellite link rather than waiting for the initial packet to completly traverse the ground to satellite path.

VPN, Virtual Private Networks have become increasingly important to businesses large and small as they strive to connect remote users with their internal intranets. Because of terrestrial delay, or latency, commercial satellite providers provide VPN services in a modified manner. Since their own internal network and satellite transmissions are DES encoded they are considered secure. With encrypted transmissions the VSAT terminal netwrok termination interface (NTI or satellite modem) must have the processing power to encrypt and decrypt packets while still maintaing broadband throughput. This processing adds cost to the NTIs but it also makes responsive, secure VPNs possible.

Commercial satellite carriers maintain a VPN connection to a customer from their land based network node to the customer's land based network node. This secure VPN traffic is then transported in an encrypted packet over the satellite link to the remote office where the customer's traditional VPN software is used to establish the final connection. In this manner latency is minimized.

Offerings, At CPE Labs we offer commercial solutions from two vendors. The first is our own internal offering backed by SkyVista communications. The second is from VSAT Systems. SkyVista offers an entry level commercial offering to the small business market. They have systems priced at under $1,000 and monthly access charges starting at $69.99 per month. VSAT Systems market to small businesses and entrprise corporations with product plans designed to meet the needs of the client as either a primary access provider or as a backup service provider. VSAT Systems start at $1,500 and monthly access charges around $100.

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CPE Labs sponsored SkyVista Product Offerings
Standard Install
Active Users
(4) Price plans ranging from $69.99 to $149.99
(4) Bandwidth plans ranging from .5Mbps to 2Mbps
Up to 128Kbps
1.2m/2 watt
Small-Medium Business
(3) Price Plans ranging from $169.99 to $399.99
(3) Bandwidth plans ranging from 1.5Mbps to 5Mbps
Up to 256Kbps
1.2m/2 watt
(6) Price Plans ranging from $329.99 to $759.99
(6) Bandwidth plans ranging from 3Mbps to 5Mbps
(3) Bandwidth plans ranging from 384Kbps to 768Kbps
1.2m/2&4 watt
SOHO clients share bandwith with only 100 clients.
SMB clients share bandwith with only 80 clients.
Enterprise clients share bandwith with only 60 clients.
Rule of thumb: 1 active browser requires 500Kbps downlink.
All listed prices are subject to change. Please contact sales for a service quotation.
This list is not all inclusive. Services can be built to specifications.
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