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CPEcomsys is the operating division of CPE Labs that performs the tasks meeting the needs of the commercial sector for data and telecommunications.

Many businesses have multiple computer systems installed from PCs and Macintoshes, to UNIX servers, to mainframe systems. We have a pool of talented people that understand all facets of the communication industry. Data networks and voice networks. Our capabilities will help you interconnect all of your communication equipment and computers into a truly networked system that meets your business objectives. Invite one of our representatives to review your networking needs today for your future.

Some of the more interesting communications capabilities today are in the field of microwave, laser and satellite broadband distribution.

Buildings in a campus can be connected with high bandwidth microwave connections for a fraction of the cost of leased or dedicated land lines. In building wireless LANs can free users from their desks. The world of broadcast mediums is only now being explored by many companies. CPE Labs can help design and develop the system that is right for your company.

Hotels, hospitality venues, multi-dwelling units can be wired for data communications through usage of their campus electrical or video distribution facilities.

Please call the regional representative of CPEcomsys.

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