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Telkonet offers a revolutionary way to provide high-speed data and Internet access in commercial buildings. Using proven, patented powerline communications (PLC) technology, Telkonet has developed a unique system that delivers broadband Internet access by utilizing a building’s existing, standard electrical wiring. Telkonet’s PlugPlusTM system converts virtually every power outlet in every room to a high-speed data network. The PlugPlus system is quick to install and cost-effective, as buildings do not need to be rewired. Most importantly, data and high-speed Internet access is reliable and secure. Telkonet’s PlugPlus products are ideal for use in commercial buildings, including hotels, multidwelling units, government and military facilities, schools and universities.

Telkonet’s latest generation of its PlugPlus solution consists of three components: the Telkonet Gateway, the Telkonet Coupler and the Telkonet iBridge, which together build an Internet delivery system. Telkonet’s Gateway accepts data from an existing network on its embedded 10/100 Ethernet port and distributes the data to the Telkonet Coupler via the embedded powerline carrier interface. Telkonet’s Coupler distributes the PLC signal from the Telkonet Gateway into the electrical circuit breaker of the building. Telkonet’s iBridge enables a computer to connect to the powerline network via a conversion from Ethernet to PLC.

Proprietary technology delivers reliable and consistent performance. Telkonet’s PlugPlus system is designed to operate in commercial environments that experience electrical noise, unpredictable changes in attenuation conditions, electrical load imbalances and transformer interference. Telkonet’s proprietary technology incorporates a multicarrier modulation scheme that enables data to be shifted from one carrier to another as real-time noise and attenuation conditions change, so data transmission is not interrupted. As a result, Internet access is continuous, reliable and seamless.

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