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Netgear XE102

The Netgear XE102 HomePlug® makes wiring a home for a local area network (LAN) as easy as plugging a square box into the nearest outlet. Most residential customers do not want the expense and headaches involved with re-wiring their homes for a hard wired Category 5 LAN. The XE102 solves this problem. It is a small device that plugs into a wall outlet. The homeowner places one at the source of the LAN and then places one or more additional remote units at any other electrical outlet in the house. A supplied Category 5 LAN cable is used to connect either the broadband connection, hub, switch, or workstation to the XE102. This type of ad hoc wiring can produce a LAN with transport speeds between 7-14Mbps.

The MSRP of a single XE102 is $75.

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Netgear XE102 XE102 Wiring Example
Click on the image to take you to Netgear.com for more information on this, and other products.
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