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Interactive Television Network

Interactive Television Networks, Inc. (ITVN) is a leader in Internet Protocol (IP) Technology. The ITVN service streams over your existing broadband connection rather than through cable or satellite. This broadband connection lets ITVN add interactive features to many of its channels. ITVN is committed to remaining the leader in the IPTV market and has invested heavily in the technology that makes this a global product for people around the world. ITVN is THE customer's choice for IPTV entertainment.

IPTV stands for Internet Protocol Television, which is broadcast-quality television delivered over standard home broadband Internet. While offering the same quality as satellite or cable, IPTV has many advantages.

Advantages Include:

  • Virtually limitless programming and on-demand content because only channels selected by consumers are delivered over home broadband network.
  • All content, including HDTV, can be distributed on a subscription or pay-per-view basis with content promotion integrated into the user experience.
  • True interactivity for the customer, allowing two-way communication with services comparable to the Web, creating a better environment for users, programmers and advertisers.
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Plans start at $29.95/month.

Set top box cost: $99.95*
*Shipping, handling, taxes, and activation are additional.

Channels available as of January 2006 include:
XTV Networks
For less than 99 cents a day, join the biggest and best adult entertainment network on the planet. Based on a fast growing library of 20,000 hours of content from the world's best studios and internet sites, XTV Networks delivers over 60 non-stop hard-core movie channels and seven interactive portals featuring on-demand action for only $29.95 per month. Adults ONLY please.
The Silver Screen Network
ITVN's Silver Screen Network delivers the Golden Age of Cinema to your home television. Feast on movies rarely ever seen featuring such stars as Douglas Fairbanks Jr., James Cagney, John Wayne, Charlie Chaplin, Buster Keaton, Boris Karloff, Frank Sinatra and more! Don't miss these thousands of hours of classic content dating back to 1920 available on demand and programmed into channels as part of an unlimited $4.95 monthly subscription.
Channels to be available Spring 2006 include:
Fitness Network
Get in shape YOUR way with ITVN's Fitness Network. Featuring thousands of hours of at-home fitness videos presented on-demand and in channels, you can build and store your own workout to fit your busy schedule and personal needs! Get in shape with this one-stop solution to home fitness for only $4.95 per month. Launch Scheduled for Spring 2006 with FREE one-month trial for all ITVN subscribers with no obligations.
Music Vault
Tired of watching Music Video Channels and never seeing Videos? How about your favorite Videos on Demand with ITVN's Music Vault. MusicVault has hundreds of videos and thousands of songs all at your fingertips. Coming soon.
ITVN File Share
Wish you could share those special digital memories with friends and relatives in a secure and comfortable environment? Let ITVN File Share help you out. Each subscriber to this new and exciting service exclusive to ITVN gets an email account. Photos in any format sent to this address will be instantly available to be viewed and managed over your home television set. Enable your friends and family to view your album and share the joy for only $4.95 per month.
Worldwide Local News
Stay Local, even when you are not. Keep in touch with your home town news while you are away. With ITVN Worldwide Local News, you can watch your local news when you want, where you want. So if you are from Russia and are living in New York or from China and living in California you won't miss a beat on the latest news over seas or right next door. Worldwide Local News is here to provide quality news programming for everyone, regardless of where you call home.
Bandwidth Requirements:

ITVN broadcasts streaming audio/video in three bandwidth speeds that correspond to the quality of video signal received. The lowest quality bandwidth is 300 Kbps and is sufficient for normal viewing of black and white movies. Next, the 400Kbps bandwidth provides viewing similar to off air television broadcasts. Finally, the 500Kbps bandwidth provides the highest quality video delivered to consumers. As a consumer you should have a broadband service that is rated at two times the downlink speed of the normal viewing bandwidth you expect to use. A 500 Kbps broadband service functions quite well with the 400Kbps streaming ITVN broadcast. However, a 1Mbps service will allow viewing at the levels expected of a high end video delivery service.

If your braodband service provider utilizes a Fair Access Policy (FAP) you should realize that even the lowest bandwidth delivery setting will require about .3Mbps for audio and video delivery. Under most plans the FAP policy will be invoked in 1-2 hours of streaming delivery from ITVN.

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