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Corinex CableLAN

CPE Labs, your source for data networking products, has just completed testing a new residential networking product from Corinex. The product will allow the transmission of ethernet local area networks over installed RG6 coax cable installations. In effect sharing a single coax line with cable or satellite and your in house LAN. In the past the only ad hoc method of routing a LAN in a house was through the use of the installed electrical wiring using products such as the Netgear XE102. We have sold many of these devices to residential and small businesses that just could not justify the expense of installing a hard wired Category 5e local area network. Now, the same cable that brings your television signals into your room can also carry a TCP/IP LAN connection to your computers.

The Corinex CableLAN Adapter functions by utilizing unused frequencies on your television RG6 coax. This is a similar type of technology used by Cable companies to bring broadband into residential communities. RG6 coax is a stable broadband broadcast medium that rivals fiber optic communication lines for capacity and capability. Whereas cable companies provide most homes with a 2-4Mbps pipe the Corinex CableLAN product offerings can provide either 14Mbps or 200Mbps in your building without any signal loss to the television systems.

CPE Labs will offer the following two Corinex products:
Corinex CableLAN Adapter, 14Mbps, MSRP $123.00
Corinex AV CableLAN Adapter, 200Mbps, MSRP $158.40

If your Netgear XE102 adapters are providing inconsistent performance because of internal house wiring problems then the Corinex CableLAN Adapter may be a valid upgrade product for your local area network.

We have included some information from Corinex's web site below about the CableLAN products.

You can call us at:

The Corinex CableLAN Adapter is a network interface adapter, using the coaxial cable as a medium for communications. After successful installation, the indoor CableLAN network behaves like a traditional LAN for computers. The Corinex CableLAN Adapter supports up to 14 Mbps network speed.

CableLAN Adapter

With the world’s first AV CableLAN adapter, Corinex moves connectivity over coaxial cable into a new dimension. The AV CableLAN Ethernet Bridge is based on the HomePNA V3.0 standard. Enjoy high speed network applications, such as sharing of Internet access and files, streaming audio and video, online games, Internet telephony, and more. With a remarkable transmission speed of up to 128 Mbps, you can create a network with a range of 4000 feet. Thanks to a built-in filter, your TV signal is undisturbed by any data transmission. Like all other Corinex products, installation is simple: just plug the adapter into a cable TV wall socket and then access the network from any other coaxial cable socket in the building. This means total flexibility - reconfigure or extend your network without a single new wire.

AV CableLAN Adapter

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