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American Power Conversion

APC is the leader in power portection and battery backup appliances. Contact our sales team to help you select the power protection products you need based upon your requirements.

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Back-UPS ES Back-UPS® ES
(500VA - 725VA)
Best Value Battery Backup & Protection for Home Computers.
The most popular desktop UPS in the world! Models provide 20 minutes to 2 hours of power backup for a 50W system and MSRP ranges from $39.99 to $99.99.
The Back-UPS ES offers affordable battery backup and surge protection for home computers. With enough power outlets to protect your entire system, built-in phone/fax/modem line (DSL compatible) protection and easy-to-install safe system shutdown software all make this power protection solution the best value for home and home office computers.
Back-UPS RS Back-UPS® RS
(500VA - 1500VA)
High Performance Battery Backup & Protection for Business Computers
Best solution for poor power regions and applications requiring longer runtimes. Models provide around 2 hours of power backup for a 50W system and MSRP ranges from $189.99 to $299.99.
This high performance desktop battery backup features maximum protection in a versatile design. The fully featured APC Back-UPS RS can be placed on the floor, or on a shelf. Up to six battery backup outlets with automatic voltage regulation (AVR) enable you to work through even the most frequent brownouts and power sags, keeping 75/90/110 minutes of battery power for when you need it most. For printers and other devices that do not store or process information, up to three additional outlets provide surge protection. Both Ethernet 10/100BaseT and telephone dataline surge protection safeguards against surges entering via network connections. The PowerChute Personal Edition software features easy-to-use safe system shutdown with sophisticated power management.
Smart-UPS Smart-UPS®
(750-5000VA Tower, 750-5000VA Rack Mount 1U-5U)
Performance power protection for servers, and voice and data networks.
Over 10 million currently installed - the one you can trust. Models provide around 1.75 hours to more than 11 hours of power backup for a 50W system and MSRP ranges from $289.99 to $3,075.00.
APC Smart-UPS® protects your data by supplying reliable, network-grade power in either traditional Tower or Rack-optimized form factors for space constrained business critical applications. Award winning APC Smart-UPS® is the perfect UPS for protecting business critical fileservers (Intel or UNIX based), minicomputers, network switches and hubs, Point of Sale, retail/bank back office and ATM's. Rack Mount versions are the choice for rack optimized servers, server appliances, blade servers, other blade devices and rack-mounted network switches and hubs.

With included PowerChute® management software for servers and workstations, IT administrators can provide safe system shutdown and advanced UPS management (All major operating systems supported). Connectivity is through serial or USB port (USB not standard on all models). Additional manageability is available through the SmartSlot, an internal accessory slot that allows you to install optional accessories to enhance the performance of your UPS. Network connection with Web browser management and/or environmental monitoring, serial port expansion, and out-of-band management options are available. With pure sine-wave output ensuring compatibility with all connected devices, Intelligent Battery Management ensuring a highly available UPS and an advanced 16 segment bar graph display ensuring information and management, the Smart-UPS® is a UPS you can count on.
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